Why people should smoke weed

I think it’s fair to say “to each their own.” What if that quote really referenced a cannabis strain or Joint? Or weed-friendly people? All are welcome to be part of the Cannabis family (illegally for now in some places and always at your own risk).

There is a certain stigma about weed or pot smokers. People say that we are a dysfunctional drain on society. I beg to differ. People smoking weed have been given such a rough deal for just getting high.

At the end of a stressful day at work, it’s customary to go out for a drink with friends, right? Well not all of us find alcohol relaxing and prefer a joint, bong, vape or whatever way you choose to get high. This doesn’t make you a bad person, does it?

Like with any-and-all drugs, there is an opposition. People judging what you chose to do with your own body. I have heard of cases where medical marijuana was presented as an alternative but better option to pharma treatment. However, sadly, people die because of the lack of information.

There are many benefits to smoking cannabis. You feel relieved.  No hangover the next day. You will hardly ever feel nausea again. The list goes on.

Benefits of smoking weed

As the world is moving into a more-420-friendly era. With the legalization of Cannabis in the process in certain parts of the world. The world is changing its perspective on Cannabis. Weed is not only to be smoked. It has many forms of ingestion.

Not only that, cannabis has many cancer-killing properties. Smoking cannabis also helps people with sleep problems. I’ve heard of people who have been on morphine and couldn’t afford it. They eventually opted to use medical cannabis – cbd oil not as a substitute but as their medication of choice.  

If you’re suffering from some ailment or illness I would advise that you read up on Cannabis related options. Cannabis could save the life of someone you love. That’s if you love yourself enough.

Couples who smoke weed together

People smoking weed alone or with friends are generally happy. They are always up for a good laugh. People who smoke weed are as they say “happy-go-lucky”. I can speak from experience that if your partner smokes with you, it makes things so much better in the relationship. Why do you ask?

You get high and become deep. You think differently about the way things are. The truths and the lies are exposed. As a couple, this is the best way to connect with each other. The relationship is more open to sharing. You love more deeply. Hard times are not that hard when your partner is toking up with you and says, “we’ve been through worse, we got this”.

The frank sessions you have with people who smoke weed will have you cleansing your soul. Even better, if you smoke cannabis with your partner and do some soul cleansing together, I do.

In conclusion, smoking cannabis is frowned upon. Soon that will change. Life as we know it”.  People who smoke weed are good and kind people who are happy because of cannabis, you could be too.